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Hearing loss is very common and affects almost 50% of adults in the United States over age 65. Rosemary B. Desloge, M.D., is an ear, nose, and throat physician New York City whose practice offers hearing tests and hearing aid consultations with a Doctor of Audiology, Aisling Rubas, AuD. For an evaluation from a team of experts who specialize in ear health and hearing, call Dr. Desloge’s Manhattan office or schedule an appointment online today.

Hearing Loss Q & A

What is hearing loss?

Hearing loss refers to your inability to hear sounds or speech clearly. It’s very common to have some hearing loss as you get older. Chronic exposure to loud noises may also lead to a loss of hearing. Additionally, you can temporarily experience hearing loss if you have a buildup of wax in your ears.

Beyond aging and exposure to loud noises, you might also lose hearing as the result of an ear infection or if your eardrum has been damaged.

What are the symptoms of hearing loss?

Symptoms of hearing loss vary and may affect one or both of your ears. Common symptoms include:

  • Muffled speech
  • Difficulty understanding words
  • Requesting that people speak slowly or loudly
  • Reduced ability to hear consonant sounds

When it’s more difficult for you to hear others, you may also find yourself withdrawing from conversations and social situations.

You should schedule an appointment at Rosemary B. Desloge, M.D., if your hearing loss is sudden or unexpected, or if you find that your inability to hear sounds clearly is affecting your everyday life. Drs. Desloge and Rubas can evaluate your ears and hearing to create the most effective treatment plan.

What is a hearing test?

A hearing test is a special exam conducted by Dr. Rubas to assess your hearing. During the test, you sit in an audio booth at the office while Dr. Rubas presents sounds at various tones and decibels to assess the degree of your hearing loss.

How is hearing loss treated?

Treatment for your hearing loss depends on its underlying cause. If earwax is blocking the ear, Dr. Desloge can remove the wax to improve your hearing. If the loss is due to an infection or inflammation Dr. Desloge will treat the underlying cause to restore the hearing.

If your hearing loss is a chronic condition, you may be a candidate for a hearing aid. Dr. Rubas offers consultations for hearing aids to restore your hearing.

Drs. Desloge and Rubas specialize in ear and hearing issues and provide the most advanced tests and treatments to restore hearing loss. For an evaluation, call Rosemary B. Desloge, M.D., or schedule an appointment online today.