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Voice Loss Q & A

What is voice loss?

Voice loss is usually a symptom of an underlying condition. The degree of your voice loss may vary and cause your voice to sound weak, breathy or raspy. You may feel as though you need to strain to be heard or you may experience changes in the volume or pitch of your voice.

What causes voice loss?

While you may be concerned about the loss of your voice, especially if it’s an important part of your profession, in many cases the cause of voice loss isn’t due to a serious medical condition.

Common causes of voice loss include:

  • Laryngitis developed after a cold or other  infection
  • Reflux
  • Voice overuse or abuse
  • Allergies
  • Muscular tension or strain
  • Vocal fold lesions (polyps, nodules, cysts, etc)
  • Smoking

Dr. Desloge is known as the ENT for performers and singers.  She understands how your vocal folds can become injured, inflamed or fatigued. She provides expert care and rehabilitation to not only restore your voice but also to prevent future voice loss.

What can I expect during an evaluation for voice loss?

Dr. Desloge performs a comprehensive evaluation when you come into the office with concerns of voice loss. During your exam, she reviews your symptoms, your medical history, and lifestyle, and evaluates the quality of your voice to determine the underlying cause of your voice loss.

She conducts a thorough examination of your voice box (larynx) to look for abnormalities using digital laryngeal stroboscopy. This advanced tool allows Dr. Desloge to fully evaluate your vocal cords (vocal folds) to look for structural anomalies that may be affecting your voice.

Additional testing might be necessary to rule out medical conditions that lead to voice loss.

How is voice loss treated?

Dr. Desloge provides individualized treatment plans for your voice loss based on your symptoms and the underlying cause of your condition. Your treatment may include:

  • Lifestyle and dietary modifications
  • Medication
  • A change in your current medications
  • Voice rest
  • Hydration
  • Voice therapy

If Dr. Desloge finds nodules, polyps or any other lesion, she may recommend surgery to remove the lesion and to restore your voice. She may also refer you to her in-office speech language pathologist to provide a voice evaluation and voice therapy.

Losing your voice can be frustrating. Dr. Desloge specializes in voice disorders and can provide the most advanced treatments to help you regain your voice. To protect your vocal health, call Rosemary B. Desloge, M.D., or schedule an appointment online today.